LinkOn Neutron 136W Power Bank 26800mAh

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Matias G


Es bringt mein MacBook Pro während der Arbeit auf 50 - 60 %. Ich habe durchschnittlich bis zu 3 Stunden Arbeitszeit. Die Aufladezeit beträgt etwa 2:30 Stunden. Kabel ist etwas steif, es ist gut für Laptop.



There isn't anything I dislike in this product. It is same size as my old 20000mAh power bank and it is with much higher capacity. It has one full speed 100W PD port which is enough for any USB-C powered mobile device. The extra two USB-A ports come handy for low power charging i.e. smartphones or tablets. I like the design with the red plastic parts from the two sides. Same about the gorgeous cable which really have no problems even at 100W. This battery is best for your laptop. You do not need it if your goal is to charge smartphones as there are much cheaper options with the same capacity and lower power. This beast is ideal for geeks like me who want to push the limits with the latest technology without compromising with the good look.
If you are like me you will be very happy with this purchase. Enjoy....

speed boss


big and heavy power for powerful laptops

Steven Hughes


Excellent power pack for people who like working in the nature. This is my way to deal with the lockdowns lately as long as the weather allows it. Moving your home office to a park or another nice place has never been so easy. I get somewhere from 4 to 6 hours on battery and another 2 to 4 hours with the power bank (depending on my workload). That is more than enough to get through the work day. I am considering to buy one or two more just in case I need to stay longer or have some backups in case I forget to recharge. Recharge time is below 3 hours if you have the right charger so no problem with getting ready for the next day.
My last idea is to look for foldable 60W solar panel which can get me completely independent.

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MacBook Charging

How much will it charge an empty MacBook Pro 2019?


It will charge you up to 50 - 60% while working.
Please note that when you connect the power bank your MacBook might enable the High Power mode as it will think it is connected to a wall charger. In that mode big portion of our power bank charge will be consumed by your MacBook CPU/Video and what is left will charge your battery.
For better results we recommend you to keep your MacBook switched to the Low Power mode. That way more of the power bank power will be used for battery charging while you will still be able to work.

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